Dr. Akhtar S. Khan

Professor EmeritusAkhtar_Khan

Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
1000 Hilltop Circle Baltimore, MD 21250

Phone: (410) 455-3301
Office: ENGR224
Email:  khan@umbc.edu


Ph.D., Mechanics & Materials Science, Johns Hopkins University, 1972
B. Sc. Engg. (Hons), Mechanical Engineering, Aligarh Muslim University, India, 1965
B.Sc. (Hons.), Physics, Math. & Chemistry , Aligarh Muslim University, India, 1961


Founding Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Plasticity
Founding Chairman, International Symposium on Plasticity and its Current Applications
Fellow, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
Halliburton Distinguished Lecturer Award for Simultaneous Excellence in Teaching, Research & Service

Employment History

1995-2023 University of Maryland Baltimore County, Professor, Mechanical Engineering
1992-1995 University of Maryland Baltimore County, Professor & Chairman, Mechanical Engineering
1978-1992 University of Oklahoma, Norman; Professor (1984 1992), Associate Professor (1981 84), Assistant Professor (1978 81); Received tenure in 1982. Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Research Interest

Primary research interest is in experimental and numerical studies in emerging materials (nanocrystalline metals and polymers), and new metal alloys, related to the constitutive modeling of finite plastic behavior at high strain rates and quasi‑static loading; and damage & failure modeling of composite materials and ceramics. Secondary research interests are in development of yield and fracture criteria for granular rock materials and ceramics, elastic‑plastic fracture mechanics (especially fatigue crack propagation in metallic solids), metal forming, and in elastic‑plastic constitutive models for granular rock materials and ceramics.

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Classes Taught at UMBC

ENME 110
ENES 220
ENME 409
ENME 489N/815N
Mechanics of Materials
Mechanical Behavior of Deformable Solids Lab
Introduction to Solid Mechanics
Mechanical Behavior of Materials
Continuum Theory of Plasticity
Inelastic Wave Propagation

Selected Publications


Most Recent Papers in Refereed Journals (for full listing, please click HERE).

Saadi A. Habib, Akhtar S. Khan, Thomas Gnaupel-Herold, Jeffery T. Lloyd, Scott E. Schoenfeld, “Anisotropy, tension-compression asymmetry and texture evolution of a rare-earth-containing magnesium alloy sheet, ZEK100, at different strain rates and temperatures: Experiments and modeling”, International Journal of Plasticity, Vol. 95, pp. 163-190, 2017.

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Amit Pandey, Farhoud Kabirian, Ji-Hyun Hwang, Shi-Hoon Choi, Akhtar S. Khan, “Mechanical responses and deformation mechanisms of an AZ31 Mg alloy sheet under dynamic and simple shear deformations”, International Journal of Plasticity, Vol. 68, 2015, pp. 111-131

Akhtar S. Khan, Jian Liu, Jeong Whan Yoon, Raju Nambori, “Strain rate effect of high purity aluminum single crystals: Experiments and simulations”,International Journal of Plasticity, Vol. 67, 2015, pp. 39-52.


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