Graduate Certificate Programs

To meet our goal broadening the graduate degree offerings to meet the needs of industry and local professional engineers for updated skills, the Mechanical Engineering department offers graduate certificate programs. These programs will consist of a sequence of four graduate courses in a highly focused technical area. Each certificate program is designed for students to attain professional expertise in the respective technical field in a minimum amount of time and without a commitment to a long-term educational objective. The certificate programs can also be used as a stepping-stone to any of the master’s programs or the doctoral degree. All courses taken for the certificates are regular graduate courses and count toward the higher degree programs.  Each of these certificate programs form one of the engineering tracks in the M.S. in Engineering Management program and may be used toward that degree program or may  be applied toward the requirements for M.S. or Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering.  Note that each of the required courses may not be offered every semester.

Other certificate programs may be added in the future.

Computational Thermal Fluid Dynamics

Students with a B.S. in either Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering are eligible for immediate admission. Students with other bachelor’s degrees may be required to make up appropriate undergraduate courses to have the background for the required graduate courses.  The certificate is earned by successfully completing the following courses:

MATH 404: Partial Differential Equations

ENME 631: Advanced Conduction and Radiation Heat Transfer

ENME 640: Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics I

ENME 645: Computational Thermal Fluid Dynamics

Application Process

Students interested in certificate programs must apply through the UMBC Graduate School.