Dr. Sayantan Bhattacharya, Assistant Professor
Phone:  240-665-6481
Office:  USG, IV-3103; ENG 213
Email:  sbhattac@umbc.edu
Research interests:  Experimental fluid mechanics, volumetric measurement of complex flows,
non-invasive velocimetry (PIV, PTV), uncertainty quantification in physical quantities (pressure,
density, diffusion, echo-velocimetry), image analysis and segmentation, feature-based classification.
Dr. Keith Bowman, Constellation Professor of Information Technology and Engineering
Phone: (410) 455-3339
Office: ENGR 211
Email:  kjb@umbc.edu
Research interests:  Materials science, advanced manufacturing, X-ray diffraction, mechanical and electromechanical properties, fracture mechanics, STEM education, STEM equity.  
Mr. Adam Bridendolph, Lecturer, UMBC  at  the  Universities  at  Shady Grove
Phone: (410) 455-3300 
Office: ENGR 225I
Email:  abriden1@umbc.edu
Research interests: Automation, Mechatronic System Design, Robotics, Design for Manufacturing, Manufacturing for the future, Engineering Education, Instrumentation and Process Control, Control Systems.
Dr. Ruey-Hung Chen, Professor and Chair
Phone: (410) 455-3313
Office: ENGR 210B
Email: chenrh@umbc.edu
Research interests: combustion, propulsion, pollutant emissions of combustion systems, heat and mass transfer, and fire retardation for composite materials.
Dr. Charles Eggleton, Professor and Director for Undergraduate UMBC Engineering Program for Mechanical Engineering  at the Universities at Shady Grove  
Phone: (410) 455-3334
Office: ENGR 222
Email:  eggleton@umbc.edu
Research interests:  mechanical behavior of deformable particles including biological cells, the influence of hydrodynamic forces and applied external forces on cell behavior, effect of cell compliance on adhesion –detachment to substrates and other cells, kinetic properties of single intermolecular bonds at the nanoscale, and high throughput measurements of cell mechanical properties.
Dr. Alok Ghanekar, Assistant Professor
Office:  ENGR 225-E
Email:  alokghanekar@umbc.edu
Research interests:  Thermal radiation, metamaterials, nanophotonics, energy and thermal management.
Dr. Ankit Goel, Assistant Professor
Phone: (410) 455-1176
Office: ENGR 216
Email: ankgoel@umbc.edu
Research interests: developing learning- and model-based techniques for control and estimation
problems in cyber-physical systems using theoretical- and numerical simulation- based methods.
Applications include inertial navigation, flight control of quadcopter and aircrafts, combustion control in
hypersonic vehicles, control of unsteady flow, parameter estimation in dynamical systems, image
reconstruction etc.
Dr. Soobum LeeAssociate Professor 
Phone: (410) 455-3314
Office: ENGR 214
Email:  sblee@umbc.edu
Research interests:  energy harvesting (EH) device design, topology optimization, robust design, and reliability based design optimization.
Dr. Ye LuAssistant Professor
Office: ENGR 217
Email:  yelu@umbc.edu
Research interests:  Development of advanced numerical methods for predictive and fast modeling of multi-physics and multi-scale systems, development of novel reduced order modeling and scientific data-driven modeling techniques with application to multi-physics and multi-scale coupled
manufacturing processes, such as welding and additive manufacturing (AM), detailed
microstructural modeling of materials and AM-oriented topology optimization.
Dr. Ronghui MaAssociate Professor Ma_Primary
Phone: (410) 455-1965
Office: ENGR 215
Email:  roma@umbc.edu
Research interests:  heat, mass, and momentum transport in a wide range of applications including film growth for energy-efficient electronic devices, novel material processing for photovoltaic applications, and nanomaterials for treatment of cancer; material processing for energy-efficient electronic
devices and low-cost photovoltaic facilities.
Dr. Deepa MadanAssociate Professor                                                                                                                   
Phone: (410) 455-3307Madan
Office: ENGR 221
Email: deemadan@umbc.edu
Research interests:  composite and polymer thermoelectric materials and devices, rechargeable batteries, and additive manufacturing techniques.
Dr. Molly Mollica, Assistant Professor
Phone:  410-455-1942
Office:  ENGR 225L
Email:  mollica@umbc.edu
Research interests:  Biomechanics and mechanobiology, traction force microscopy, hemostasis and
thrombosis, DNA nanotechnology, and engineering education.
Dr. Carlos Romero-TalamasAssociate Professor and Graduate Program Director Romero-Talamas          
Phone: (410) 455-8049                                                      
Office: ENGR 212
Email:  romero@umbc.edu
Research interests:  interactions between materials, charged particles, and electromagnetic radiation; dusty plasmas and their applications in astrophysics to materials processing.  
Dr. Karl V SteinerProfessor and Vice President for ResearchSteiner
Phone: (410) 455-5636
Office:  ITE 222
Email:  steinerk@umbc.edu
Research interests:  Computer Visualization, Image Analysis Methodologies, Robotic Haptic Simulations, Nondestructive Evaluation and Manufacturing Science; Composite Materials, Robotic Fiber Placement, Filament Winding, Resin Transfer Molding, Vacuum Assisted RTM; Ultrasonic NDE, Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Computer-Aided Tomography.

Recent research interests are focused on Interactive Immersive Visualization Methodologies for the life sciences, primarily on Immersive Complex Multi-variant Data Analysis and on Biomedical Imaging with a focus on Virtual Surgery Simulations.

Dr. L. D. Timmie TopoleskiProfessor                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Phone: (410) 455-3302
Office: ENGR 225K
Email:  topoleski@umbc.edu
Research interests:  Fundamental mechanisms of material behavior, creation and manufacture of new biomaterials, material surface modifications to prevent wear and corrosion, micro- and nano-structural modifications to increase fatigue and fracture resistance, structural and functional changes in human arteries resulting from aging.
Dr. Paris Von Lockette, Professor
Phone:  410-455-3553
Office:  ENGR 225H
Email:  pvonlock@umbc.edu
Research interests:  Soft robotics for biomedical, sensing/actuation, cilia locomotion,
building environmental control, and other applications; nonlinear material/device design, modeling and optimization; design and applications of smart material technologies, especially electromagnetically-active composites and structures; rubbery materials; applied nonlinear mechanics
and multiphysics modeling.
Dr. Joseph Washington, Lecturer, UMBC  at  the  Universities  at  Shady Grove
Phone: (410) 455-3300
Office: ENGR 225D
Email: jwashi2@umbc.edu
Research interests: Fundamental mechanisms of material behavior of biomaterials, structural and functional changes in human arteries due to aging or disease, fatigue modelling of elastin; injury consistency biomechanics and vehicle accident reconstruction.
Dr. TseHuai Wu, Professor of the Practice
Phone: (410) 455-3309
Office: ENGR 218
Email:  tsewu@umbc.edu
Research interests: Robotics, embedded systems, control system design, application of nonlinear control theory including guidance, navigation and estimation.
Dr. Meilin Yu, Associate Professor
Phone: (410) 455-3398
Office: ENGR 219
Email:  mlyu@umbc.edu
Research interests: Computational fluid dynamics, renewable energy harvesting, flapping wing aerodynamics, fluid-structure interaction, turbulent flow simulation, numerical optimization, transonic/supersonic flow, shock/flow discontinuity capturing techniques, non-hydrostatic atmospheric flow, biological flow, high-order methods, high performance computing, particle image
velocimetry (PIV). 
Dr. Liang ZhuProfessor
Phone: (410) 455-3332
Office: ENGR 220
Email:  zliang@umbc.edu
Research interests: Magnetic nanoparticle hyperthermia, photothermal therapy using gold nanoshells/nanorods in cancer therapy, targeted brain cooling using an interstitial cooling device, using laser or heating catheters in bacterial disinfection in endodontics.
Dr. Weidong Zhu,ProfessorW_Zhu_Primary
Phone: (410) 455-3394
Office: ENGR 225B
Email:  wzhu@umbc.edu
Research interests: Dynamics, vibration, control, applied mechanics, structural health monitoring, and wind energy.

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Rohan Banton
Phone: (410) 455-3300
Office: ENGR 210
Dr. Jamie Gurganus, Lecturer and 
Associate Director of STEM ED Research Engineering and Computing Education Program (ECEP), Director of the Center for Integrated Research, Teaching, Learning (CIRTL)
Phone: (410) 455-8439
Office: ENGR 225J
Email:  jgurganus@umbc.edu
Research interests: Engineering and Design Education, Additive Manufacturing, Design conceptualization, Spatial Reasoning in engineering, Mentoring and mentoring programs in engineering, Service learning in engineering, P-12 & Post-secondary engineering education, Retention of Mechanical Engineering students, engineering learning technologies, diversity in engineering, best practices in educating engineering students, teachers and the community. 
Dr. Soonwook Kwon
Phone: (410) 455-3300
Office: ENGR 210
Email: skwon@umbc.edu
Research interests: Solid Mechanics, Composite Material, Fracture Mechanics, Finite Element Method, Fatigue and Failure, Random Vibration, Additive Manufacturing, and Green Composites.  
Dr. George Piper
Phone: (410) 455-3300
Office: ENGR 210
Email: piper@umbc.edu
Research interests:  Aerial robotics, space vehicle dynamics and control, nonlinear systems and control.
Dr. Joshua Radice
Phone: (410) 455-3300
Office: ENGR 210
Email: radice@umbc.edu
Dr. Maria Sanchez
Professor of the Practice
Phone: (410) 455-6324
Office: ITE 217H
Email:  msanchez@umbc.edu
Research interests: Engineering Education, Optimal Teaching Methodologies for Engineering Education, Enhanced Use of Technology in Engineering Education, Accessibility of Engineering Education to Under-Represented Groups, Thermal-Fluids System Applications.
Dr. Jin-Hyeong Yoo
Phone: (410) 455-3300
Office: ENGR 210
Email: jinhyeon@umbc.edu
Research interests:  Smart materials (magnetostrictive materials, MR fluids) and its application development, vibration isolation control, modal analysis for metallic damping evaluation.

Emeritus Faculty

Dr. Shlomo Carmi, Professor Emeritus and Dean EmeritusCarmi_2nd_Primary

Phone: (410) 455-3313

Office: ENGR 209
Email:  carmi@umbc.edu
Research interests: Hydrodynamic stability and transition to turbulence, non-Newtonian fluid flow, heat and mass transfer, numerical methods and computer simulations, engineering education.
Dr. Panos Charalambides, Professor EmeritusPanos_primary
Phone: (410) 455-3346
Office: ENGR 209
Email:  panos@umbc.edu
Research interests:  Mechanics of materials and micromechanics modeling, nonlinear material behavior, finite elements and computational mechanics in material research, theoretical  and numerical considerations of the failure process in  brittle and ductile materials, and fracture mechanics.  Fiber composites, thin film decohesion and mechanics of interfaces.  Laminated composites and delamination cracking.  Biomechanics, Manufacturing processes and Fixturing.
Dr. Warren R. DeVries, Professor Emeritus and Dean Emeritus
Phone: (410) 455-6767
Office: ENGR 209
Email:  warrendv@umbc.edu
Research interests:  Time series and system identification in manufacturing, modeling of material removal processes, design and analysis tools for flexible manufacturing.
Dr. Akhtar S. KhanProfessor EmeritusAkhtar_Khan
Phone: (410) 455-3301
Office: ENGR 209
Email:  khan@umbc.edu
Research interests:  Emerging materials (nanocrystalline metals and polymers), new metal alloys, constitutive modeling of finite plastic behavior at high strain rates and quasi‑static loading, and damage and failure modeling of composite materials and ceramics
Dr. Uri TaschProfessor EmeritusTasch_Primary

Phone: (410) 455-3305
Office: ENGR 209
Email:  tasch@umbc.edu
Research interests:  Relationships between locomotion abnormalities and neurological diseases and injuries; diagnostic technology to detect the presence and assesses the severity of (a)lameness in dairy cows, (b) muscular injury in animals and humans, and (c) neurological diseases [e.g. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease), environmental (Parkinson’s) disease].
Dr. Christian VonKerczek, Associate Professor EmeritusFac_Photo_Chris_von_kerczek_cr
Phone: (410) 266-5421
Office: ENGR 209
Email:  kerczek@umbc.edu
Dr. Marc ZupanAssociate Professor Emeritus
Phone: (410) 455-6822
Office: ENGR 209
Email:  mzupan@umbc.edu
Research interests: Microscale specimen testing, engineered micro-architecture multifunctional material topologies, disparate phase materials, cellular solids, cork cellular solids, friction stir welding, carbon nanotube infused multi-length scale composites, ductile fracture and stress triaxiality effects on response.