Teaching Fellow Program

Mechanical Engineering Teaching Fellow 

June 9th (Fri) , 2023 5pm 

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Job Description

An undergraduate teaching fellow (TF) position is available for assisting with 100, 200 and some 300 level ENES and ENME courses at UMBC. The teaching fellow program is dedicated to excellent teaching of fundamental ENME courses, which are required by all freshman, sophomore, and junior students in the department of Mechanical Engineering. The goal is to improve student retention and graduation rates by ensuring that students receive the best learning experiences during their early, formative stages. This position specifically refers to the courses: ENES 101 – Introduction to Engineering Design, ENME 110 – Statics, ENME204 – Intro to Mechanical Engineering Design w/ CAD, ENME217 – Thermodynamics, ENME 220 – Mechanics of Materials, or ENME 221 – Dynamics, ENME 301 Materials, ENME 303 – Computational Methods for Engineers, and ENME 320 Fluid Dynamics.


Responsibilities for the TF include, but are not limited to:

  • Grading homework/quizzes/exams as needed;
  • Holding weekly office hours;
  • Remaining current on content being taught each week (attending class as necessary);
  • Assisting the instructor in-class;
  • Conducting demonstrations for undergraduate Engineering classes.


The ideal candidate will have:

  • Junior or Senior standing in mechanical engineering (or other majors if ENES 101) – NOT BASED ON CREDITS;
  • An overall G.P.A. > 3.00 (> 3.25 preferred);
  • Successfully completed ENES 101, ENME 110, ENME 220, ENME 221 and/or ENME 217, ENME 301, ENME 303, ENME 320, ENME 321 or more, with at least a B grade;
  • Has a real passion and interest in teaching and working with students, gaining invaluable skills for their future.


  • The TF is required to work up to 10 hours/week for the entire academic semester (15 weeks).
  • Salary Depends on Experience:
    • First year – $15/hour;
    • Returning TF – $16/hour;
    • Head TF * – $17/hour.
      (* Head TF appointment is approved by the Undergraduate Program Director) 

June 9th (Fri) , 2023 5pm 

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